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eLearning Leadership

The eLearning Plan
  • Identify your current practice and target practice on the eLearning matrix
  • Devise key strategies to work toward your target practice
  • Commit to actions and a budget to help you reach your eLearning targets
  • Build in adequate budget for ICT professional learning
  • Plan milestones for tracking eLearning initiatives - how will your actions be measured?

eLearning Leadership
  • Form a school eLearning team to spread eLearning leadership across the school
  • Allow staff and students to have input and ownership over the school eLearning vision
  • Invite staff and students to contribute to the decision-making process concerning the strategies you embed in your eLearning plan
  • eLearning Team to seek and apply for ICT grants to support the targets in the school eLearning plan
  • Allocate time in meeting agendas to allow sharing of best practice both at unit and whole staff level
  • Implement a unit planning template that includes direct reference to how ICT will be embedded in the unit (eg. sample unit planner )
  • Employ a school-based technician in addition to your TSSP technician