Digital Learning Objects

What are Digital Learning Objects?

Digital Learning Objects are multimedia rich digital resources designed to support learning. They can include graphics, text, audio, animation and interactive tools.They are typically short and are best used as part of a learning sequence, rather than stand alone activities.

How can I use Digital Learning Objects in my classroom?

  • To introduce, develop or reinforce curriculum concepts
  • Students can work individually or collaboratively on Digital Learning Objects
  • To engage and develop higher order thinking skills
  • To provide visual learning, often the best method to teach various curriculum concepts
  • For teaching a curriculum concept to a whole class via a data projector or electronic whiteboard
  • For specific year/VELS levels but also for extension or additional support
  • Use at a chosen stage of an integrated curriculum unit plan to complement and enhance learning
  • To include ICT in more curriculum areas including Health and Physical Education

Where can I see some examples?

For samples of how students are using Digital Learning Objects check out the digiLearn showcaseDLO_Showcase.jpg

How can I get started?

  • DigiLearn can be accessed through all of the VELS domain pages including the ICT domain page or from DigiLearn
  • Go to Digilearn and search for Digital Learning Objects by VELS domain or search word (using Edumail login)
  • Read about and preview the Digital Learning Objects
  • Copy and paste the link in the orange box to supply to your students (see below)
  • Students will only have direct access to the DigiLearn Learning Objects through the school network.