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What is a blog?

A blog, or weblog, is effectively an online digital journal.
Watch this three minute video: 'Blogs in Plain English'.

How can I use a blog in my classroom?

  • Create a school/class blog to replace newsletters - keep parents informed and include images, audio, links etc
  • Post learning materials and resources online for your students to access from school or from home external image fun.gif
  • Host online discussions - readers can reply to any post on the blog and you can moderate all comments before they are published
  • Students upload their work with self-reflections to their blog and create an online digital portfolio, which allows feedback from peers, teachers, parents and the wider community
  • Get your students blogging 'in character' to demonstrate their understandings in any subject area
  • Share your resources online with other teachers - create a team blog to assist you in planning units

Where can I see some examples?

How can I get started?

external image Global-Teacher.gif
Global Teacher and Global Student are blogging communities created for Victorian government schools. They use Wordpress software (like Edublogs) and contain NO advertising. Use Global Teacher to create a teacher blog and use Global Student to create a class blog or student blogs.
You can create blogs within your school SharePoint site
  • Video tutorials
  • Discussion forum
21 Classes is a free blogging tool, which comes with 50MB of upload space and allows you to make your blog posts private