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Update on Ultranet/Network eLearning initiatives
Krystie Alleaume
‘Staff Professional Learning and Implementation of a school-wide LMS’
Derek Bowey, Wodonga Senior Secondary College
‘Our journey so far with 1:1 netbooks and Collaborative planning in Google docs’
Angela Gray, Baranduda Primary School
Success Sharing – All attendees invited to share current goals and projects from their own school setting

Melrose PS - School bog, staff gettinf on board leaving comments, challenge getting staff on, Grade 3/4's doing Superclubs plua, Movie-making is next hoals
Belvoir PS - almost one laptop each in senior area, creating blogs for student resumes in VCAL - for non writers beung able to talk into it, working with Photostory
Bethanga PS - making headway, not letting technology drive what we areteaching, technical issues of trying to access lab,

Barnwartha PS - making progress with interactive whiteboard, using sharepoint to house assessment data and share data across classes, bookable laptop banks so can achieve 1:1 on demand, for stories, publishing, electronic folios, collaborative story books with older students coaching younger students, integrating digital photography and video
Tallangatta SC - focus on podcasting - delivering content, students demonstrating their learning, trying to get staff on board, reaching students via their mp3 players, Moodle LMS - Mahara for digital portfolio,ironing out issues of having all students on at once
WMYC - LMS going well, starting with all Year 7's using 1:1 laptops, extending to Year 8's next year, teachers are getting on board, embedding Youtube videos, teachers are collaborating within domains, LMS has engaged teachers in discussions of how students learn, how their brains develop in the increasingly digital world, evaluating quality of content going into LMS, increasing interest in sharing skills between teachers and sharing the workload.
Wodonga South PS - focus for 12 months on dveeloping assessment and tracking of students via a school-wide database system, identifying students at risk and charting progress for transition from year to year, incorporating digital portfolios,
Wodonga PS - replacing PC desktops with laptops, using wireless technology, moving towards students using laptops as a natural tool in their learning, trying to get SMARTboards into every classroom, loking to work with WMYC to develop laptop program
Kiewa Valley PS - looking to increase ratio of computers to students with netbooks, use SharePoint for staff administration, including sharing student assessment data, have been using podcasting to communicate with audiences beyond the classroom,
Wodonga West PS - Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom so teachers are comfortable with these, moving towards replacing ageing desktops with netbooks in classrooms (but not 1:1), senior classes introducing wikis as a means of accessing learning from home, showcasing students work including podcasts, looking at best way to store student assessment data online also.
Tallangatta PS - Adobe Flash software introduced, but encountering technical hiccups which becomes a barrier for teachers wantig use ICT, getting into DigiLearn into everyday program, focus on integrating ICT so it's not an add-pn extra, developing a school website
Tallangatta Valley PS - 12 students, 1:2 computer ratio- have set up a blog site - Senior students post blog posts and younger class are now learning to comment. Parents at home are able to access the blog site and see what students are learning and provide comments for students. Students are driving blog content. Integrated as part of the teaching and learning,
Mitta Mitta / Eskdale PS - podcasting started last year - one IWB heading towards three, focus on becoming more comfortable with interactive whiteboards, startig peer coaching in podcasting, interested in setting up a Moodle LMS, using a SharePoint website
Wodonga Senior SC - Using students to create podcasts (peer-teaching), using Elluminate for teacher professional develpoment - few staff members presented in eLearning Conference, attended a gaming PD one staff member developed a website reviewing using Wii games in the classroom: www.wiimaths.com.au
Baranduda PS - 1:1 netbooks, Superclubs plus, working toward using Google apps for calendar, webpages as eportfolios, docs, calendar, training students and staff at using their Google apps
All attendees
Planning – Term 4 ICT Professional Learning, preferred dates for future PLT meetings

3 or mini-sessions on offer isn PLT meeting to teach skills.
Krystie Alleaume